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Best of Breakfast: Balsamic Goat Cheese Tarts

Don’t get us wrong: the ever-humble, trusty egg needs no fancy fixings or precious presentations. Most mornings, a quick scramble does the trick. But for those days when a proper breakfast bliss-out is on the menu, we present these balsamic-drizzled, goat cheese-dabbed tarts. All wrapped up in flaky puff pastry, they’re the most delicious indulgence this side of the snooze button.

1 sheet puff pastry
1 sweet onion, sliced
6 eggs
10 ounces cherry tomatoes, halved
1/4 cup goat cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon sugar
Salt and pepper, to taste
Fresh rosemary
Balsamic reduction


Preheat oven according to puff pastry package instructions. On a floured surface, lay out the pastry and cut into squares large enough to fit your muffin or tart pan, with just a slight overhang. Place squares into pans and store in fridge until ready to use.

In a large skillet over medium heat, add the olive oil and onion. Stir to coat, then add sugar, salt and pepper. Cook onions until they develop a deep caramelized brown color, stirring occasionally. Set aside.

Remove tart pan from fridge and add a thin layer of caramelized onions to the bottom of each tart; then add about two rosemary leaves. Crack an egg into each tart, careful not to break the yolk (you may do this in a separate bowl first to ensure the egg is intact and shell-free). Top with a sprinkling of goat cheese, several tomatoes, and salt and pepper. Bake according to puff pastry instructions, or until edges are browned and egg is cooked through.

Remove from oven, let cool slightly and drizzle with balsamic reduction. Garnish with extra rosemary leaves.

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Ok so I told leopoldfitz that I would stop being lazy and post my ‘Fitz calling Simmons Watson and why that’s not a bad thing’ meta, because I think it explains my interpretation of Fitz pretty well. I hope it does not make you want to bash your head against a wall. Anyone and everyone should feel free to discuss/disagree with me on this, because I have quite frequently been wrong in the past, and will probably continue to be wrong a lot in the future.

A few disclaimers before we start:

1) I love Leo Fitz, and I identify with Leo Fitz (both the good parts of him and the bad parts). I try to be aware of that as I write, but I am probably not always successful, and so I may be giving him more credit here than he deserves. It is entirely possible that Fitz pushes Simmons into the Watson role because he struggles to view her as anything but a satellite of himself (an important satellite, but a satellite nonetheless).

2) I read The Hounds of Baskerville when I was 11 or 12 (I’m 20 now). I have seen most of like five episodes of BBC Sherlock, and I have seen every single episode of Psych five or six times at least (which in my opinion is the single best version of SH ever, if the one that is perhaps farthest from the source material. But if you like friendship, please go watch every single episode of Psych). I have, through being a living person and spending time on the internet, picked up general knowledge of the relationship between Holmes and Watson, but that is the extent of my knowledge.

So, Leopold Fitz does not think very highly of his own capacity for love and loyalty.

We know from his conversation with Donnie that he grew up fairly isolated with the exception of his mum (person #1 that Fitz loves), was fairly isolated at university, and was fairly isolated at the Academy until Jemma Simmons (person #2 that Fitz loves) came into his life (until we get 100% confirmation in the show, I will continue to 100% headcanon that Jemma sought out Fitz).

So in his entire life, Leo Fitz has loved exactly two people, at least in his eyes. Not liked, not idolized, not admired, not a fictional character that he identified with or enjoyed, loved. And so, because he only loves these two people and because he is able to observe, as a scientist, that most people love more than two people, Fitz assumes that there’s something strange about him.

One of Fitz’s flaws is that he struggles to find the right thing to say at the right time; it seems like he lacks a lot of natural social skills, and he never really got practice at improving on that lack of natural ability growing up. And of course, it’s not the first time he has been classified as unusual; he’s pretty much been called unusual or exceptional his whole life. This is nothing new.

So Fitz casts himself as Sherlock, the head, smart and calculating and distant, except for the few people he lets in close. He can’t be Watson, because Watson is the heart.

But Jemma? Good, brave, kind, caring Jemma? Jemma, who loved him despite his limited capacity for love and loyalty, who loved him when he had spent a lot of time not being loved by anyone outside of his mum, who loved him and understood him, which had never happened before? She is definitely the heart between the two of them. It’s not that she’s not smart (“Simmons is probably technically smarter”), it’s that he can’t be the heart. He has, in his whole 26 years of existing, only loved two people, how could he possibly be the heart?

And this does of course bring up some issues of Fitz idealizing Simmons, but while that is true I think we can also all agree that Jemma Simmons is good and brave and kind, although not perhaps to the superhuman proportions that she holds in Fitz’s mind.

And I do believe that Simmons is Sherlock, and Fitz is Watson, even though he doesn’t see it that way, because though he doesn’t think highly of his own ability in this regard, Leo Fitz does have an immense capacity for love and loyalty, and other people (the Team and those of us watching the show) can see this, but he can’t, which is why he casts himself as the cold, aloof head and Simmons as the heart.

(I could literally talk all day about Leo Fitz’s capacity for love and loyalty and how (what I view as) his greatest weakness, his selfishness, plays in an endlessly fascinating way against (what I view as) his greatest strength, his capacity for love and loyalty, and how they are intertwined and play off each other and occasionally are sort of the same thing, in a weird way.)

(I could also talk all day about how Leo Fitz is a Gryffinpuff and Jemma Simmons is a Gryffinclaw, even though their specialties would seem to perhaps indicate the opposite way, but I won’t on this post. And also all the parallels between Gryffinpuff!Fitz and Huffledor!May, but again, I digress.)

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Happy 29th birthday, Tatiana Maslany!

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Moirail - Your soul mate in a non-romantic sense. You cannot live without this person; they complete you. They balance you. You would be lost forever without them. Moirail is the ultimate bond that you can feel with someone.

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Hey, why don’t you find your own nickname?

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Okay, so yeah, this is one of those posts I do every so often when I look at my bills and my bank account and start to feel sort of light headed and queasy. It’s not a ‘donate to me!’ post, because I’m not in danger of losing my apartment or needing surgery (this year) or anything like that, but…

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