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Hi, my name's Becca and here are a few things you might need to know, or maybe you just forgot: 21, wandering star, voyageur at heart & warbler in search of a quest.

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A fantastic panel with the babes (minus Karen)

It was such a night

Arrived in Toronto @ 4:50

Sat down in Matt & Arthur’s panel @ 5:45

Some moments from the panel

- Arthur talked about how humbling it was to go to cons and meet such great fans.

- Talked about how they knew each other from before Doctor Who from doing a play together for 6 months called Swimming with Sharks and going to the pub afterwards every night (they said they gained some weight from all the beer drinking!)

- Moved their tables without spilling water! Matt worried about changing the feng shui of the room (they did it so it would be easier for us at the sides of the room to see)

- They both talked about their best friends: Matt about how his best friend guessed that he had been chosen to play the Doctor when they were watching an old ep of Who; Arthur told a funny story about how he wanted to work with a particular director and so they were out at a pub getting to know each other and then Arthur’s best friend joined them and started reading Doctor Who rpf and completely embarrassed him (and he never worked with that director)

- When asked who they would dress up as to go to a con Arthur said Hulk Hogan & Matt said a blue man he had seen earlier in the day.

- They talked about how cons are basically just a really weird group therapy session.

- They both said they haven’t had troubles with being typecast after Doctor Who.

- Croatia got some love! There was a question about favourite episodes to film and they talked about how they took over this little town in Croatia, and they were there in the off season so nothing was open except this one pizza place they ate at every night.

- They talked about how they loved working with Tony Curran & Michael Gambon

- They talked about all the nicknames they have for Karen but they wouldn’t go through them all as she wasn’t here to defend herself (Kaz and The Gillan were mentioned)

- Talked about filming in the castle for Almost People/Rebel Flesh and how they had to evacuate at one point because of snow/potential roof cave-ins!

- They talked about how they had thought about bringing a mop and a plate to represent Karen (and then Matt was like: would we paint the mop red?)

- They came up with a Doctor Who episode on the spot that was Rory-and-Doctor centric which basically had to do with Amy having lost her hair and them having to find it (and her) and all the barber shops in the country suddenly having a surplus of red hair and Rory eating the hair (?) and a cat being found along the way and going to a Planet of Obtuse something and then it being discovered that the cat was Amy and finding Harry Potter to turn Amy back into herself (they told it much better than I did)

- Arthur was asked about whether Matt or Karen is the better kisser. Arthur stated unequivocally that it was Matt.

- Matt said that Arthur’s interest in taxidermy is weird.

- We sang happy birthday to Dahlia who had come to the con for her eleventh birthday and was dressed as young!Amy and it was beautiful

- Matt and Arthur did lunges and sang Bohemian Rhapsody

- A young fan asked Matt who was his favourite companion beside Amy (and the whole room burst out laughing)

- Arthur admitted he had penned some songs for a potential Doctor Who musical episode; also that he loved the Buffy musical episode

- Arthur was in Paris for a week and went to see Jabba the Hutt’s eyes.

- Arthur said that if he could play another character in science fiction it would be Jabba the Hutt (Matt said “you’d be good at that”)

- They also talked about working in the village where Amy’s Choice was filmed except Matt called it “The Dream Lord” I yelled out that it was called Amy’s Choice and Matt SPOKE DIRECTLY TO ME and said I had being paying attention and passed the exam (happiest moment of my life after my brothers being born no biggie) so then one of the presenters let me ask a question

- I asked how Arthur liked working with David (Tennant) on Broadchurch & how Matt liked working with Iain De Caestecker (who plays Fitz on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) in the Ryan Gosling movie: Arthur said he didn’t do much with David, but that he had a lot of respect for him & that he had a lot of respect for Chris Chibnall’s writing; that it was a hard but good job. Matt said that Iain and he had become friends and that Iain was a true actor.

- The whole panel was just really really funny; I was hoarse from laughing by the end

- And then I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy (finally!!) and Karen was flawless and the movie was so good and yep I can die happy now.


agents of shield meme: five characters [4/5]
     ↳ Jemma Simmons
"I like following the rules and doing what’s expected of me. It makes me feel nice."

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Steve Rogers and the people who loved him when he was nothing.

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the family jewels (tripskye, team fic)


“This is a lot of pregnancy tests.”

“Yes it is.”

“Like, a comical amount of pregnancy tests.”

notes: the child in question is actually shruti’s idea. edited by sarah. i did not want to write this fic, but here we are. i think it’s cory & shruti’s faults, probably.

AO3 or under the cut:

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
└► The Team - "We take care of our own."

A bit fairytale.

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